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Ned's Random Agri-Thoughts:

19 July 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 251.0 -0.9 for week
Signal Oscillator: 18% Oversold Weekly Oscillator: 0% Oversold
Negative tone in grain futures spilled over to some other cash markets. Attitude
in futures is "Sell it!". More than half of U.S. corn farmers cannot make money at
~$3.75 corn. Corn prices could rise dramatically next year because of that situation.
Strongest eggs +9% butter +5% (new high)
Agri-Equities lagging market due to weak corn prices. But, some individual stocks
doing well so far in July.  JBSAY +14%  ADM +9%

12 July 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 253.3 -1.5% for week
Signal Oscillator: 18% Oversold Weekly Oscillator: 0% Oversold
Traders crushed both U.S. corn and soybean futures this past week. As we
will begin to discuss in this week's Interim Comments, this artificially low price for
corn will set it up for a major rally. This time next year U.S. corn price could be
twice the current level. The dramatic move downward in these prices pushed
Agri-Equities lower. Exceptions for month-to-date: ADM +9% JBSAY +4%

5 July 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 257.13 +0.4% for week.
Buy Signal week ending 27 June  Weekly oscillator: 41% Neutral
Eggs +8%, Sugar +6% Oats +6% Continued frantic selling in futures for
corn and soybeans this past week. Corn is extremely OVERSOLD.
Corn likely putting in major, multi year bottom.
Agri-Equities 0.8% month to date. Agri-Equities generally lag in early part of
month/quarter as funds scramble to buy Techno/Junk on NASDAQ.
ADM +4% PAHC +3% ZTS +3%

28 June 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 256.2 +0.2 for week
Signal Oscillator: 23%
Weekly Oscillator: 39%
Oscillator gave a buy signal for week ending 28 June for Agri-Food Price Index..
Grains have been deeply oversold and meats have continued to rally. This may be a
brave forecast given the important USDA reports coming out on Monday. July issue
of the Agri-Food Value View should go out on Thursday.

21 June 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 255.6 +0.8% for week
Signal Oscillator: 10% Oversold
Weekly Oscillator: 30%, up from 0% last week
We noted that in the previous week that markets were attempting to put in place
bottoms. That does seem to be what happened. Oscillators are positioned to
possibly give a buy signal on the Agri-Food Price Index this coming week.
Agri-Equities up 2.1% for June to date. PAHC +8% ZTS +6% JBSAY +5%

14 June 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 253.68 -0.6% for week
Signal Oscillator: 4% OVERSOLD
Weekly Oscillator: 0% for second week OVERSOLD
Despite trade's strong supply bullish attitude, cash wheat, rice, cotton, and sugar
were all up on the week. Conditions are now in place for bottom in the
A-F Price Index. Hints of a turn were evident this past week.
Agri-Equities up 0.7% month to date. PAHC +16% & ZTS +4%
as investors discover animal health companies. JPB +3% on dropping bid for Hillshire.

7 June 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 255.21 -1.7% for week
Signal Oscillator: 11% Strong Oversold condition
Weekly Oscillator: 0% OVERSOLD
Led lower by grain prices, the A-F Price Index was down last week, pushing it into
deep oversold condition. Agri-Food markets, especially the grains, are now set
up for a rally. On Fridays grains tried to reverse the situation. On Wednesday
USDA releases WASDE. Could that be the event that reversed this oversold
condition? Agri-Equities up 0.7% month to date led by PAHC(+8%).

31 May 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 259.53 -0.2% for week
Signal Oscillator: 18% Oversold
Weekly Oscillator: 13% Oversold
Thus far bottom for index 2 May. Agri-Price Index setting up for a buy signal,
perhaps late June. Currently writing June issue of Agri-Food Value View,
and it will be an important issue. Agri-Food prices and Agri-Equities
seem poised for a dramatic upward move. You do not want miss this move!

24 May 2014
Agri-Food Price Index: 260.11 +0.1% for week
Signal Oscillator: 27% Moving to over sold.
Weekly Oscillator: 19% Over sold
Animal protein price strength supporting index. Chicken, beef, feeder steers at new
90-week highs. With exception of soybeans, grains are weak due to seasonal forces.
Agri-Equities Tier One May to date: +0.1%
S&P 500 May to date: +0.9% NASDAQ May to date: +1.7%
31% of Agri-Equities performing better than market in May.
Street is trying hard to reignite the Techno/Junk on the NASDAQ.
However, continues to look like a bear market rally in U.S. stock market.
May-to-date: CALM +15%, MON +8% PAHC +5% JBSAY +3%