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Ned's Random Agri-Thoughts:

21 July 2017

Agri-Food Price Index Hits New All Time High

Agri-Food Price Index: 276.13           
Record High: 276.16
4 Week % Change:   + 4.3%   
52 Week % Change:   +28%
200 Day Moving Average: 244.55
eek High: 276.16    0%
52-Week Low: 193.39 +42%

New web cast (13 July) posted above.

gri-Food Price Index again hit a new all time high yesterday. Index is now
up 28% from a year ago. That number is so strong some moderation would be
expected. New 52-week highs for butter and US$ canola while world rice
continues at one. Pork and hogs continue to defy seasonal tendency to weaken.

As we have written many times, animal proteins have been the truly strong
segment of Agri-Commodities. At some point in time the market will go
through a rotation from animal proteins to grains. Two grains, oats and sorghum,
are starting to suggest that rotation may be in process. Oats are a niche grain
somewhat, but tend to be often a leading indicator of prices in other grain.
US oat prices hit a new 52-week high end of previous week.

Loneliest sales person in world has to be a sorghum sales person. U.S.
sorghum exports have been essentially collapsing for more than a year. It
competes with corn, and corn is readily available. However, US sorghum
price hit a new 52-week high two weeks ago. That development along with
oat price signal suggests that the bears in corn and soybeans may have
a limited life expectancy.

With U.S. stock market in full blown internet/technology mania or bubble,
pick your own descriptor, hard to recommend particular ideas.
Some to look at are ADM, BG, AGU, and MOO.

8 July 2017

Agri-Food Price Index Hits New All Time High

Agri-Food Price Index: 274.32           
Record High: 274.32     0%
4 Week % Change:   + 3.0%      
52 Week % Change:   +20%
200 Day Moving Average: 240.53  
52-Week High: 274.32    0%
52-Week Low: 193.39 +42%

A web cast at the top have been updated.

Also updated both samples of newsletter.

Agri-Food Price Index hit a new closing all time high this past week.
Appears the bull market in Agri-Commodities continues. Index is up
42% from the October low. While everyone is aware that wheat hit a
new 52-week high, other surprises exist. To show the underlying
strength we note that sorghum, a grain that has been ignored for
more than a year, also hit a 52-week high at $6.06(cwt).

To date the Agri-Commodity rally has been driven by animal proteins.
Pork and hogs, for example, are up 100+% from lows. Even CNBC
had to take time away from hyping techo-junk stocks to note that.
Chicken is up more than 50%. Animal protein prices have a strong
seasonal with peak in Summer and low in Fall. That seasonal
weakness is starting, but late and not strong yet. We expect that
strength will move to grains as the rest of the year unfolds.

Tier One Agri-Equity hit a new high on Friday. U.S. stock market
is beginning a rotation out of technology/internet fantasies. That money
will flow into other sectors, and Agri-Equities should be part of that
“others”. Note that the NASDAQ Composite is down from the May
close. U.S. stock market is very risky at the moment.

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17 June 2017

Agri-Food Price Index Hits New All Time High

Agri-Food Price Index: 268.45
Record High: 268.45     0%
                         4 Week % Change:   + 2.6%                                
52 Week % Change:   +16%
                              200 Day Moving Average: 264.53                                      
52-Week High: 268.45    0%
52-Week Low: 193.39 +39%

Agri-Food Price Index hit a new closing all time high this past week. From
the low in October, the index is now up 39%. Of the 18 Agri-Commodities 9
of them have achieved new 52-week highs in the past three weeks. Source of
that strength thus far has been animal proteins, though seasonals may now be
hitting beef and chickens. Pork and hogs were a surprise as they were truly
strong last week. From their 52-week lows both up 100+%.

While beef complex may be hit by seasonals, outlook for beef is better
First shipment of US beef flown to China this week. India’s beef ban seems
to be continuing, but no real numbers on impact yet. India is 20% o
global beef exports.

Agri-Equities up 0.4% this month are lagging S&P 500, +0.9%, but doing
far better than NASDAQ, -0.8%. Violent rotation in market as technology
and internet are dumped. Federal Reserve policy announcement extremely
dangerous for NASDAQ 100. Best approach may be to use the ETF MOO.

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7 June 2017

Agri-Food Price Index: 264.53
Record High: 267.81  -1.2%
                       4 Week % Change:   + 4.1%                                
52 Week % Change:   +17.3%
                     200 Day Moving Average: 264.53                                     
52-Week High: 264.53    0%
52-Week Low: 193.39 +37%

Agri-Food Price Index hit new 52-week high this week. Index is just shy
of all time high hit during 2014. Animal proteins continue to be the strongest
sector. Seven animal protein sources we follow are on average up 65%
from 52-week lows. USDA beef index hit a new 52-week high on Tuesday.
Ultimately, those higher prices will cause production to rise and more
grains to be consumed as feed.

We reviewed the global corn situation in the June letter. With both
production and inventories down this year, situation looks more positive.
Our measure of US corn prices was $3.75 on Wednesday. That prices is
the upper edge of the trading range for corn. Any move higher would
suggest corn has finally broken out of the trading range.

With U.S. stock market in a full blown, debt financed bubble, most stocks
are over valued. We are watching with interest ADM, BG, JBSAY.

21 May 2017

Agri-Food Price Index: 261.72
1 Week % Change:   + 3.0%
4 Week % Change:   + 9.2%                                
52 Week % Change:   +18.9%
                 200 Day Moving Average: 228.00                                                  
52-Week High: 261.72    0%
52-Week Low: 193.39 +35%

Agri-Food Price Index hit new 52-week high last week. US broilers and
butter hit new 52-week highs. Average gain for Agri-Commodities from
52-week lows is more than 30%. Excluding corn, soybeans, and wheat,
the remainder are up near 40% on average. That measure suggests an
extremely strong market. In such a market, the laggards eventually begin
to catch up. We believe that US corn prices will lead the three major grains
higher. Just did our corn supply/demand analysis for June newsletter, and it
is a positive picture. We note that other analysts are starting to be more
positive on US corn.

Brazilian political mess is a real mess. Does not seem to be a path to a positive
resolution of it in the immediate term. Hard to imagine president and businessmen
acting as stupid as being reported by some sources. Conclusion: Brazilian currency
will basically remain weak causing more soybeans to come out of that nation.

Roughly 60% of Agri-Equities are performing better than market. But, Brazil
has hurt. JBS management may be involved in part of government’s turmoil.
However, continue selling out of Brazil due to weak curency is likely to benefit
ADM and BG. Bigger issue is whether or not U.S. equity market put in the
beginning of a large rolling “top” last week. Remember, 14 June
FOMC raises rates for the 4th time.

6 May 2017

Agri-Food Price Index: 249.74
1 Week % Change:   + 2.1%
4 Week % Change:   + 1.9%                                
52 Week % Change:   +14.0%
200 Day Moving Average: 228.00                                                  
52-Week High: 257.26  - 3%
52-Week Low: 193.39 +29%

Thanks to strong prices for animal proteins and bottoms in most grains,
Agri-Food Price Index had a strong week. Index is up 14% from a year ago,
and up 29% from October low. While seasonals are helping, demand simply
is stronger in animals than many think. Both USDA beef index and feeder cattle
new hit 52- week highs. U.S. broilers are close. U.S. hogs up 52% from lows.

Importantly, major grains seem to have made recent lows. US corn recent
low 24 Mar, soybeans 7 April and HRW wheat 21 April. Our measure of
US corn closed week at $3.65. A price above $3.75 would create a lot
of corn bulls, and cause a lot of pain for teenage traders short grains.

Good news and bad news out of Brazil. Prices to farmers are low, below
breakeven for most farmers. Estimates are hard to make sense of as depends
on which grain and which regions is being discussed. Some estimates are as
high 70% of the harvest has not been sold, far above normal times. Means
U.S. grains are still selling in export market. Also, Brazilian farmers are likely
to severely cut back next year plantings. Environment for next year better
than pessimistic views.

Bad news was for ADM and BG. Both experienced weak earnings in
Brazil because of little grain being sold. BG was hit the most. June will probably
be a good time to look at these two stocks. We had carried both of them
as over valued.


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